‘Weeds’ review: Did Nancy really [spoiler]?

As we near the end of “Weeds” after eight seasons, this is the point in time where there are all sorts of loose ends that need to be tied up. With that in mind, we cannot pretend to even be remotely surprised that the show returned to California for a 100th episode that was really all about looking back and also moving forward.

While there was quite a bit that happened over the course of the half-hour, whether it be Shane being set up when it comes to his car exploits or Silas meeting an old flame from his past, really it all paled in comparison to the cliffhanger we will be talking about for weeks: Nancy hooking up with Andy mere feet away from the place in which is brother and her husband Judah once died a decade before. This moment came after Andy has proclaimed that she was the person he had always wanted but could never have, and it was awkward. We couldn’t tell if Nancy really cared, was trying to force romantic feelings that just were not there for the guy, or just trying to appease her so that he would come back with her to Connecticut. Despite giving him on paper what he wanted, though, the end of the episode still saw Andy running far, far away from her … and it’s not clear if he is coming back.

Could these two actually work together at the end of the day? It’s possible, but there would have to be some serious commitment … as well as time. It’s almost appropriate that they would make love in such an uncomfortable way, mostly because it now finally forces them to talk about issues that have been just off the table for some time.

What did you think about this episode, and could you really see Nancy and Andy together at the end of this? If you want to check out some more news pertaining to the show, be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: Showtime

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