‘Survivor: Philippines’ castaway spotlight: Jeff Kent

It’s not too often that “Survivor” casts people who are in some ways genuine celebrities, but Jeff Kent in many ways fit that role almost to the same level that Jimmy Johnson did back in Nicaragua. Is he going to be able to blend in? That is going to be his goal on this season; however, it is also going to be his biggest challenge.

Name – Jeff Kent

Age – 44

Location – Austin, Texas

Occupation – Former MLB superstar and MVP who spent over two decades playing the sport professionally. He’s one of the best hitters ever in a position that was best known for its defense (in second baseman), and he also spent his career playing for a number of teams from the San Francisco Giants to the Toronto Blue Jays. He now runs car dealerships and owns a ranch.

Tribe – Kalabaw

“Survivor” comparison – When it comes to how he wants to compete and play this game, you have to say that Gary Hogeboom from “Survivor: Guatemala” is the closest thing the show has seen to him. He is a little bit of a bigger star than Gary was in the NFL, though, which is what the Jimmy Johnson comparisons work.

Strategy – We don’t really know if Jeff has any sort of plan when it comes to staying alive in this game outside of just working hard, competing, and trying to be a leader. He claims to be a fan of the show, but we haven’t gotten the impression that he is much of a game or a schemer based on what we have seen. He’s probably looking to go far with a good alliance.

Strengths – First and foremost, you know Jeff is driven and a hard worker. You don’t have the career that he has otherwise. He’s probably also a gifted leader thanks to it, and could help a tribe establish itself almost right out of the gate. He’s a valuable pre-merge player to have, and it’s possible that if there is a major Jeff Kent fan out there (even if he does’t plan on disclosing it), he could use that to his advantage.

Weaknesses – By the same token, you have to think that Jeff lying about his job will come back to bite him hard. He’s playing with a group of people that probably includes one or two baseball fans, and if someone managed to recognize Gary, they will probably recognize him. He also does not seem like the kind of guy who gets along well with people with different viewpoints, and we don’t see him and Jonathan Penner getting along on the Kalabaw tribe. At all.

Prediction – With there being three tribes to start things off, we anticipate some sort of merge into two tribes at some point. Jeff will probably be a key player in Penner’s exit (since he may have the charisma to pull that off), but he’ll probably be called out on his job and gone before the jury on the first tribal swap of the game. There’s not enough strategy going on here for him have a real shot at this.

What’s your prediction for how Jeff will do? We want to hear some of your theories below! If you want to see more of our castaway spotlight series, you can do so by visiting the story here.

Photo: CBS


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