‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: All by themselves

It’s been several hours since a pair of houseguests supposedly took off from the “Big Brother 14” house, and at this moment it is really clear just where they have taken off to. With that in mind, there’s not too much for the remaining three to do outside of sit down and speculate.

When it comes to Ian, he at least made a pretty interesting admission that getting rid of Joe from the house was a “waste.” What does he mean? He could interpret this as saying that Jenn should have been the one to go home instead of him; or, he could also be trying to claim that Dan should have taken advantage of his time during the live show to take out a major threat to go far in this game in Shane. We have a feeling that if Dan ends up going home at the final three (which is in our mind when he will be the most vulnerable), that this may ultimately be his biggest regret in the entire game.

Meanwhile, Jenn is sitting around and speculating what exactly is going on with Danielle and Shane. Our guess? They are off to a mock premiere of a movie that will feature a couple of people that will be instructed not to say anything that has been going on during the season. A celebrity will probably stop by, and then Danielle will try to cuddle with Shane during the film to mixed results.

As for Dan, the only thing of note is that he has spent some time in the kitchen mocking one of Joe’s “mad love cooking” segments that are actually out on YouTube. Since Joe was originally an alternate and made the show after Mike the sailing instructor was missing in action, these videos were the only way we were able to do any preseason research.

Stay tuned, as we’ll have a review soon of Sunday night’s new “Big Brother.” To check out more about Dan and Danielle’s “date,” be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: CBS

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