‘Hell’s Kitchen’ finale preview: Will Dana hold Christina back?

On Monday night, “Hell’s Kitchen” is going to wrap up yet another high-rated season on Fox with an exciting season finale, and one that should settle a score between two chefs who has been close to even all season long.

So who will win? At the end of the day, it could depend on Christina and Justin’s skills as a leader as much as it does their own cooking. They each have to show in the final dinner service that they are capable of managing a lineup of some of the best cooks we have seen this season, and it includes some people (see Robyn and Clemenza) who were not always known for being amazing.

However, we may be in for a surprise when it comes to one person who seems to be holding Christina back: the very person who has been her best friend on the show all season long in Dana. In the preview below, the two seem to be squaring off about some miscommunications in the kitchen, and at the end of the day this could spiral like it did back when Christina was trying to expedite a couple of weeks ago. A kitchen at a standstill leads to unhappy customers, and that may be her biggest problem i this episode.

Meanwhile, Justin’s problem looks to be a little more predictable: Clemenza. At the end of last episode, he seemed as though he was ready to storm out of the kitchen rather than be talked down to in his mind by some of the other people in the kitchen. We do have a feeling that he will come back, but we’re not sure it will be enough to give Justin the win. With the Red Team being so dominant this year, we would be surprised if Christina somehow ends up losing.

Who do you think is going to win this season? We want to hear your predictions below! To check out what happened in the first part of the finale, be sure and read the story here.

Photo: Fox

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