‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoilers: When will Spencer find out about Toby?

For one of the rare times since the very beginning of “Pretty Little Liars,” we found out something the summer finale that our leading ladies are still unaware of: Toby is a part of the “A Team” responsible for causing all of the mayhem that they have endured ever since the beginning of the series. With this in mind, there is one question that does inevitably rise out of it: how log with this stay this way?

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in a new interview, series star Troian Bellisario helps to make one thing rather clear in that oblivious Spencer Hastings will not stay this way forever:

“She doesn’t know about it [yet] but she’s a very smart girl, so you can expect that she’s not going to stay in the dark for very long … One of the things that we setup very well is that other than the girls, the only thing in the world that Spencer truly loves and feels comfortable with is Toby. So, you’re going to see a storm [when she finds out].”

When she does find out, a number of all-important questions are going to rise out of this, including whether or not he ever truly loved her, how long he has been a part of this, ad if there is any way he is going to share some of the information that he has picked up from Mona. One thing we do know for certain already? Toby is not doing this to just infiltrate the “A Team” and get information from the inside. He’s serious about his plans to take down the Liars, and he may stop at nothing to ensure that it happens.

If you were in Spencer’s shoes, how would you react upon the revelation that the man you love is also part of the “A Team”? We want to hear from you below! If you want to check out a promo from the upcoming Halloween episode, you can do so by visiting the link here.

Photo: ABC Family

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