ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 spoilers: Do we have our villain?

Even when you have a show that is by and large as episodic as “Castle” is, it is important for you to occasionally have some adversaries that you look at as genuine threats to the show’s main characters. Every hero needs to have a villain; and for Castle and Beckett during the season finale, it was revealed that this was going to be Maddox.

So how much of this character are we going to be seeing during season 5? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe confirmed that not only will he be back, he is someone that both of our main characters should feel is a genuine threat to both their relationship and their lives.

“When we left last season, we know that whatever bubble Castle and Beckett wake up in, she’s still under active threat … And in the last scene, Maddox said, ‘When I have those files, I’m going to put Beckett into the ground.’ And we know he’s close to getting those files. So as is often the case, in a moment of bliss, real life intrudes and the characters have to deal with that and deal with it in a new way, given where they are in the world.”

Even with everything that we have already mentioned in mind, it is still fair to say that you won’t be seeing this character in every episode. His presence will be felt beginning on September 24, and after that the show will return to some more of the fun cases that we have come to know and love over the years. We do anticipate that he will be back later in the season to cause some more trouble; after all, we find it highly unlikely that the mystery of Beckett’s mother is one that will be solved during the premiere.

Do you think that Maddox is a worthwhile villain and a threat to Castle and Beckett? We want to hear more of your thoughts below! To check out the latest “Castle” poster revealed by ABC, all you have to do is visit the link here.

Photo: ABC

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