‘MasterChef’ finale preview: Will Josh or Christine win?

On Monday night, Fox is going to finally close the door on a great season of “MasterChef” with a finale that could very well end up being the most exciting one yet. We have two home cooks who could not be any more different, both when it comes to their cooking and the way that they treat the competition.

When you have Christine Ha, you have a sentimental favorite who was inspiring from the moment that she came on the show. She’s a blind woman working in a field where sight is such an important sense, but in some ways she has turned a disadvantage into an advantage. There is one who relies on taste quite like she does, and with that in mind she may have one of the most astounding palettes to ever be on this show.

What is so interesting about Christine, though, is that she is so talented that she cannot really be seen as the underdog anymore. That honor instead goes to Josh Marks, who in some ways also uses his confidence to deflect that status. He was eliminated from the competition just before the top six over something as simple as an egg, but since cooking his way back onto the show he has established himself as a force to be reckoned with. Every week he has upped his game, and were we judging this competition based solely on the elimination challenge from last week, he would have won the whole competition.

For this last episode, these two are going to have the support of everyone from some fellow former contestants to even their friends and family members as they try to cook just one final meal to win over the judges. No matter what happens, the show will be breaking some ground with their winner this year. We do personally think that a Christine win seems pretty likely, mostly since she has been pretty consistent and her story is so marketable. However, Josh has to feel pretty happy regardless of whether or not he wins to have fought back into the competition and worked so hard.

Who do you think will win the finale? We want to hear your thoughts in the poll below! If you want to see some more news pertaining to “MasterChef,” you can do so by heading over to the link here.

Photo: Fox


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