‘Person of Interest’ season 2: New plot spoilers in behind-the-scenes video

If there is one show that is in many ways poised for a breakout during its second season, it is “Person of Interest” over on CBS. Not only was it the rare crime show last year that managed to get better and better as the season went on, but it was also the rare new show to actually see its ratings increase week to week in the spring, a time when many shows suffer since there are more options available to potential viewers.

So what is going to be coming up during season 2? In the new behind-the-scenes video below, executive producer Greg Plageman does a good job at setting up the wheels that were put into motion at the end of last season. With Finch now kidnapped, Reese is going to be in many ways at a loss. He doesn’t know how to figure out the Machine without him there, and in so many ways the two parties had grown to be co-dependent on each other to get anything done.

In addition to this story, we are also going to have a number of other key mysteries play out here, whether it be Finch’s personal life and past relationship or how he managed to get the limp that you see him with in just about every episode. Plageman reiterates that while they want to make the series continually accessible to new viewers, they also want to reward long-term fans with a story that is not just about the person whose number pops up in the Machine on a weekly basis.

Are you excited for the potential of this show next season? We want to hear some of your thoughts below!┬áIf you want to see who from the world of “Lost” is going to be joining Michael Emerson on the show this season, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: CBS

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