‘Bachelor Pad 3’ finale rankings: Rachel Truehart vs. Chris Bukowski and more

On Monday night, we are going to finally be at the end of a season of “Bachelor Pad” that has been i some ways a disappointment. Even though there have been some shocking moments that have played out throughout the show, none of them have been water-cooler conversation-starters on the same level with what we saw with Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi, Michael Stagliano, or Holly Durst last season.

At the end of the day, though, we do still have four contenders left who could either end up sharing the grand prize with their partners, or taking it all for his or herself like a particularly greedy person that wants to leave the other person with nothing. Remember, this is a game about cash first and foremost, and it is possible that someone could end up leaving devastated.

So where do these four contestants stand? We’re ranking them individually now since there can be an individual winner, and we’re doing so in terms of whether or not they are likely to leave with any money at the end of this.

1. Nick Petersen – He has by far been the least interesting guy on the show this entire season, with his biggest highlight being that he made out with Donna just so she ca say that she had a “Bachelor” hook-up experience right before she was sent out the door. We know that he was stuck with Rachel almost by default thanks to Michael’s exit, and he’s far more likely to take the money for himself than she is. With that in mind, though, doing anything other than splitting the money is a risky proposition. Even if you win, you run the risk of becoming one of the most hated people in America.

If Nick does lose, he can at least go back to being an impersonator for Simon Baker.

2. Rachel Truehart – Given that she ad Nick are almost a shoo-in to beat Chris and Sarah based on likability alone, the question here really becomes all about whether or not he will actually take the money at the end of all of this and not split it. We don’t see Rachel being that greedy, and considering how things with Michael turn south in the reunion, we have a feeling that this could be one of the most devastating hours of the show ever for her Monday night.

If Rachel does lose, she can go back to being a voice impersonator for Julia Stiles.

3. Sarah Newlon – If by some miracle Sarah does end up winning this season with Chris, it’s possible that she could take all of the money just for having to put up with him the past few weeks. After all, he’s probably going to be the reason that she doesn’t win it.

If Sarah does lose, she can go back to no one knowing who she is or how she got cast on this season to begin with.

4. Chris Bukowski – At the same time, and as bad as Chris has come off this season, he does seem to care about Sarah to a certain degree. With that in mind, we do think that he would be privy to sharing the money versus trying to just take all of it for himself. Chris just wants to say that he won the game, and he can do that without hurting Sarah in the process.

If Chris does lose, he may actually get the first ounce of sympathy from us all season over being a pretty good game player (even if this does not make him any nicer of a person within the context of this show).

Who are you rooting for to win this season? We want tot hear some of your thoughts below! If you do want to check out what Chris Harrison has to say about the Michael vs. Rachel fight, be sure to visit the story here.

Photo: ABC


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