‘Game of Thrones’ season 3: Lena Headey appreciates diehard fans

While Lena Headey has been one of the many people working hard on the third season of “Game of Thrones” as of late, she still takes the time to sit back and appreciate some of the attention that some of the fans have taken into the first two seasons of the show. While some may describe fans who analyze every scene as being a bit “much,” there is something about their attention to detail that she appreciates (which may in some ways stem from the simple fact that she is the person responsible for putting all of the hard work into making these scenes believable).

In a new interview with the Daily Telegraph designed primarily to promote the upcoming “Judge Dredd” film, Headey elaborated on how some of her interactions with fans of the George R.R. Martin series and of her character Cersei Lannister:

“With fantasy and sci-fi, it’s based in a real fandom. You’re presenting to experts, and their source material is really important to them. They’ll come up and ask: ‘so when you turned your head slightly in that scene, what were you thinking?’ … I enjoy that, because the battle is over the interpretation, and they’re more interested in the character than they are in you. There’s something cooler about the geek.”

When we see “Game of Thrones” pick up for season 3 in March 2013, Cersei is going to be in an interesting place. Even though Joffrey is still in power, the arrival of Tywin Lannister to King’s Landing coupled with his additional “hero status” thanks to Blackwater could make it difficult for her to work her influence. The plus may be that Tyrion is no longer in power as the Hand of the King, but you know that Peter Dinklage’s character is not going to just sit idly by and watch his role in preserving the Iron Throne disappear.

What do you want to see happen with Cersei during season 3? If you do want to see some more scoop pertaining to Mance Rayder, you can do so by visiting the story over at this link.

Photo: HBO

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