‘Survivor: Philippines’ castaway spotlight: Katie Hanson

Sometimes, going far in this game can really depend on just who you start off with in this game; and while we think that Katie Hanson would have probably be the first person off on some of the tribes this season of “Survivor: Philippines,” the fact that she will be tied to one Jonathan Penner gives her a little bit of potential to stay around for a while.

But is this former Miss Delaware, who really seems to like bringing that fact up, have a chance at actually winning this game? Read on to find out.

Name – Katie Hanson

Age – 22

Location – Newark, Delaware (go figure)

Occupation – Student

Tribe – Kalabaw

“Survivor” comparisons – If we were going based solely on the beauty pageant history, Ashley Underwood from “Redemption Island” is a good fit because she was desperate to prove that there was something more to her than just pageants; however, her ego (she talks about her own beauty in the video below) reminds us of Sarah Jones from back in “Marquesas.”

Strategy – To be honest, we are not too sure she has watched that much “Survivor” (though we at least do give her props for knowing who Danni Boatwright from “Guatemala” is in her CBS bio). However, she doesn’t really need that. When you have Penner on your tribe, the best thing you can do is hide behind your target and be quiet making deals. This is what we think that Katie will do, and it should keep her safe for a while.

Strengths – While we are often turned off by beauty pageant contestants having a sense of entitlement on reality TV (which is why we have grown sick of seeing them), Katie at least brings more of a edge and intellect to the table. She comes across as a good social player with a sense of humor, and is in good physical shape for challenges.

Weaknesses – What we worry about with some pageant contestants is that they try too hard to stand out, and thus they can make silly moves in the process. Katie strikes us as someone perhaps a little too desperate to prove herself, in some ways like a superfan would be coming on the show. She needs to take everything back a few notches, while still making sure she comes across as a hard worker around camp.

Prediction – If she was on Mike Skupin or Russell Swan’s tribe, we would say that Katie would be an early boot. However, she has a luxury here in that Penner is probably going to be the biggest target in the world early on at the Kalabaw camp, and if she bonds with him he will remain the target while she is free and clear. We don’t necessarily know if she will make it to the merge, though, mostly because we have a feeling she is going to try a little too hard and get herself in trouble. Plus, there may be an extra fear of strong women this season after what Kim and Chelsea pulled off last time. If she does make it to the jury, though, don’t be shocked to see Katie slide into the top five or so.

How far do you think that Katie is going to go this season? Be sure to vote in the poll below, and click here to see more of the other entries in our castaway spotlight series.

Photo: CBS


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