‘Big Brother 14’ review: Did the Quack Pack survive the double eviction?

Double-eviction episodes of “Big Brother 14” are often the equivalent of a freight train of adrenaline, and this one really was. After a predictable eviction, we ended up having a thrilling Head of Household Competition that really determined who was going to be taking off to the Jury House next.

For now, let’s start things off with the predictable…

First eviction – Frank. We know that not everybody liked the guy, but we really did. He wasn’t a great social player, but he never really had a chance since everyone held the Reset twist and working with Boogie against him. In many ways, he actually was like the male version of Janelle, and we hope to see him back on a future season even if the target will be squarely on his back yet again.

Head of Household – Dan. This was a close race between him, Jenn, and Danielle, but the only coach left in the game also became the first coach to actually end up winning HoH all season long. His plan? We knew that he wanted to keep Jenn and Danielle safe, and he did just that by putting Joe as well as Ian on the block, forcing him to feel the pain for the first time.

Nominations – Dan didn’t have much time to think this over, but he had a tough choice. Joe was easy in that he was someone who wanted to get him out of the game at all costs; meanwhile, Ian was just the pawn in the sense that he had never been on the block before.

The Power of Veto – Ian. This challenge involved working your way through a maze, and once again our master of puzzles proved himself to be a worthwhile competitor in this game. Ian has been a challenge monster in recent weeks, and with that, he has become far more of a threat than we ever imagined. We weren’t surprised to put him on the block, but what we are a little stunned about is that Dan decided to put the emotionally fragile Danielle up in his place. We know that his strategy was to put someone up who would ensure that Joe would go home, but this is a risky long-term move.

Second eviction – Joe. Was there really a question here? Joe never really had a devoted ally in this game save for maybe Shane, and even his heart wasn’t in it all the way.

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Photo: CBS

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