‘Pretty Little Liars’: Jason and CeCe spar in new ‘Pretty Dirty Secrets’

The latest episode of the “Pretty Little Liars” webseries “Pretty Dirty Secrets” has made its way online, and for the first time, we actually have some action unfolding between a pair of characters in Jason DiLauerentis and CeCe Drake. The joy of this show specifically is that even though we have not necessarily seen a ton of either one of these characters on the show itself over the past two and a half seasons, they have a very important backstory that can be explored here.

This brief video does at least touch on some of that, as Jason blames CeCe in part for turning his late sister Alison into someone who was more than just a┬ámischievous prankster into a threat that caused all sorts of problems; however, CeCe is quick to remind Jason that he is hardly a saint, and family members do tend to pick up traits from other people in their family … especially their big brother. Just when Jason was starting to think that he was gaining some ground in this conversation, CeCe dropped a bomb on him that she had some information about his past that he didn’t quite think that she knew about.

At the end of this conversation, we turn to a character who is brand-new to the world of Rosewood in Shana (played by Aerial Miranda). We don’t really know what she is up to outside of working at this Halloween-themed party store, but she certainly seems to be a very attentive listener to what is going on around her at her store. We know that the producers would not introduce a new character for no reason, so know this: she is likely going to be tied to some characters we know already, and will probably also be up to no good.

What do you think about this episode? Be sure to share your thoughts below! If you want to see the first episode of this show if you haven’t already, click here; meanwhile, the latest promo for the upcoming Halloween special is at this link.

Photo: ABC Family

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