‘Bachelor Pad 3’ finale: Michael Stagliano addresses drama in preview

As we’ve mentioned for the past two days, Michael Stagliano appears to be the “Bachelor Pad 3” contestant that seems to be in the most hot water in some of the promos for the upcoming finale Monday night. As you can see in the video below (via The Huffington Post), he seemingly makes a rather surprising admission when he says that he was not necessarily coming on the show to meet a wife; however, to his credit it does seem as though he is about to say something else before he gets cut off by the editors.

So what sort of teaser does Michael have to offer himself for the big occasion? In a new post on his Parade blog,

“I have not seen the preview but have heard enough about it through some rather ‘colorful’ comments on Twitter to know that I may not look too good when it is over. I’ve been a part of this awesome franchise for a few years now, and all I can say is that if you look back on any previews for past seasons (‘Coming up…the most shocking twist EVER…’), sometimes what you see in preview isn’t exactly what you get, but I have willingly put myself out there on national television, so I am susceptible to scrutiny and judgment, whether you know what really happened or not. I understand this, and I hope we can all hold hands, make up, and watch together next week. There’s about 7 bombs dropped in total, give or take 3.”

In proving that he is rather self-aware of how someone can come across on TV, Stagliano also acknowledges that it is possible he will lose some fans after the show next week; with that being said, he also claims to be in a far better place in his life now than he has ever been before. Does that mean that he has found love? It’s certainly possible, even if it may not be with someone from this franchise.

Since editing has already proven itself to be a tricky devil (look at how differently Michelle Money was portrayed on two separate shows), are you going to take anything you see Monday with a grain of salt? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and head over here to read the latest rumors about both Michael and his in-season romance Rachel Truehart.

Photo: ABC

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