NBC’s ‘The Voice’ season 3 preview: Meet Bryan Keith

As angry as we are about NBC’s strange and even petty decision to try and take down “The X Factor” by scheduling “The Voice” for three nights next week, we still are entertained by the show; and with that in mind, we have to present the first teaser of actual audition footage that we have seen thus far from the show’s third season.

In the video below, you can meet a promising contestant named Bryan Keith, who has a good voice with just that perfect combination of soul and grit to it. His choice of music in Bruno Mars’ “It Will Rain” was smart in that it shows off so many different octaves, and it managed to get all four artists to turn their chairs around.

While Bryan is a pretty good singer, this one audition still does in many ways showcase what the problem for “The Voice” is. Sometimes when you are a star, it really is about more than just a voice, and some people just have that extra quality as an entertainer to make it happen. Bryan is one of the best auditions we have seen, but even with him we’re not sure if he is a memorable enough guy to ever get his songs played on the radio or remembered months after the show ends. If you have a hard time remembering that Jermaine Paul won season 2 (which we do), there is a problem. “The Voice” ironically is still looking for someone with that “X Factor,” but they just haven’t found it yet.

What do you think about Bryan’s audition? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! We will be reviewing the first two episodes of “The Voice” live next week, but we are going to be switching it over to “The X Factor” Wednesday in a show of solidarity over what was originally scheduled in that timeslot. There are too many singing competitions on TV as it is; putting them up against each other is just ridiculous.

If you want to see what Adam Levine and Blake Shelton have to say about this new season, be sure to click here. (Photo via NBC.)

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