Michelle Obama, Chris Christie go for laughs on late-night TV

Convention season is here, and mostly that revolves around hearing people from both parties express their positions and fight with people of the opposite party. Since we’ll leave the discussion of politics to some other sites, what we are going to focus on instead are some really interesting appearances by political figures on the world of late-night comedy shows.

So who was the funniest? Let’s took at the two current candidates.

Michelle Obama on “The Late Show with David Letterman” – Appearing via satellite from the Democratic National Convention, Obama had the opportunity to read the show’s famous Top Ten List all about reasons to watch the convention. There were a couple of funny quips in here about loving balloons and the convention having “low-fat confetti,” but this really yet again represented Letterman and the writers being asleep at the wheel while they had a perfect opportunity for some great comedy to be had. Most of these jokes were variations on ones Letterman has had in his list before, including jabs at his own show. Plus, the same joke about President Obama being the candidate was used twice in different forms.

Chris Christie on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” – The New Jersey Governor is not always the easiest guy in the world to root for, but you have to admit that this was far and away funnier than what the First Lady did on Letterman’s show. While in Fallon’s studio, Christie (who at one time was under consideration to enter the Presidential race) shared his love for Bruce Springsteen before getting into an impromptu duet with Jimmy on his hit “Thunder Road.” Surprisingly, the two actually did a pretty good job together with this song.

Is there some irony here with this performance? Definitely, since Springsteen really would not agree with the majority of Christie’s policies. This is therefore another reminder that politics are only one part of someone’s life, and you can enjoy someone’s work without always agreeing with their viewpoint.

Which one of these videos did you prefer? If you want to check out some musical performances from the DNC, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: CBS

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