‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Shane causes another meltdown

Sure, you are emotional all the time in the “Big Brother 14” house; but yet again Wednesday night, we saw another fine example of what happens when someone lets their emotions really get the best of them.

Take, for instance, the latest meltdown that came from Danielle Murphree Wednesday night. Basically, what happened was that she, Dan, and Shane were having a¬†conversation¬†about the finale when Shane made a comment about how he couldn’t see her and Dan’s former Renegades partner Memphis sitting next to each other at the wrap party, and we don’t entirely know how she took this. Did she think he was saying that she was not deserving of the title? We don’t know, but it was really the culmination of her blowing her off for several nights, not really giving her the best compliments, and trying to avoid her while she scoots up against him in bed. This single-handedly has become a “no-mance” so entertaining that it makes Lydia falling all over Jessie in season 11 normal. (Hey, at least there was some interest there on both parties.)

Basically, all of this led to Dan making sure that Danielle was on his side over Shane; and while she is still freaking out about his funeral comments, she does at least seem to be listening somewhat to him. However, we still don’t buy that she would keep him over Shane in this game mostly because no one one left outside of Frank (who’s heading out the door) has any chance of beating Dan in a million years.

Danielle finished off the night by ranting alone to the cameras, crying and saying that she doesn’t know why Shane plays games with her and acts like he is interested, and then says something mean. She also apologizes again to her “friend” Trey back home, who she went out with twice before ultimately coming into the house.

Do you think any of these fights could split Danielle and Shane up? To check out some more scoop from the live feed concerning Frank’s final push, be sure to read the story here.

Photo: CBS

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