‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Danielle looks ahead; Frank keeps fighting

At this moment, we can all but guarantee that Thursday night is going to bring us some pretty great action straight from the “Big Brother 14” house. We are not only going to see two evictions, but also a very surprised look on Frank’s face when he finds out that he is the person that is evicted rather than Joe, which was of course the plan that Dan, Danielle, and Shane have all told him is happening so that he doesn’t run around like a headless chicken.

To Frank’s credit, though, he is still exploring every option even in the event of a tie. Early Wednesday evening, he paid Ian a visit in the Head of Household room with a pretty simple pitch: keep him in the game if the vote is tied, and he can be a shield for him the next week. Frank is convinced that Dan and Ian are going to be the targets moving forward, and this would not be a surprise at all if someone like Jenn or Joe ends up winning. With Frank around, Ian does have the reassurance of safety … and this is something that he did weigh for at least a decent part of the week before making his nominations. Of course, this is all moot since Frank’s vote against him could end up being unanimous since Danielle clued Jenn in on the plan.

Speaking of Danielle, she is already bragging about what was a pretty “epic” goodbye message to Frank that she made, and this is probably without her really even remembering that this is someone who you could still need a vote from if you make it to the end of this game. She and Dan also talked about potentially staying with Jenn all the way to the final three, which could mean taking out Joe next and finding out how to deal with Shane and Ian after than. (Granted, we don’t know if Danielle has it in her to get rid of her Captain America.)

Who do you think will be nominated after Frank’s exit? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you want to check out some more news via the live feed, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: CBS

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