‘So You Think You Can Dance’ review: Is Cyrus Spencer in the finale?

The finale for “So You Think You Can Dance” is airing in less than one week, and on Tuesday the goal of the show was really rather simple: showing off the four people who will be featured there.

Before we get to that point, though, let’s focus on how the top 6 performed during this show … and there were plenty of highlights.

Tiffany Maher (with Benji), jive – First and foremost, we have to say how delightful it was to see Benji Schwimmer on the show for the first time since he actually won the show so many years ago. It was almost like his appearance alone lit up the ballroom with electricity. Can Tiffany win this competition? We were doubtful earlier this season, but now we are starting to have some confidence in her.

Cole Horibe (with Melanie), contemporary – The nice thing about seeing Melanie Moore with Cole here was that it enabled him to show a softer, more vulnerable side than we have ever seen from him before. This performance did work on every level, as we felt the pain from him as Melanie actually played more of the power character.

Eliana Girard (with tWitch), hip-hop – We actually disagree a little bit with what the judges said about Eliana’s letter-themed routine; we actually thought that it was nice to see the amount of dancing that there was in this routine. After seeing her in so many emotional routines, this was a welcome change.

Chehon Wespi-Tschopp (with Kathryn), contemporary – Hats off to Tice Diorio for one of the most interesting pieces about loss that we have ever seen on this show. This was something that was heartbreaking, unique, and really showed off the best of what Chehon has learned on this show. He’s more than a ballet dancer now; he is one that can emote.

Whitney Carson (with Marko), lyrical jazz – Who wants to go to a wedding? Well, Whitney doesn’t seem to in the event that she is supposed to be the bride. This was a pretty strong routing that not only showed her dance ability, but also that she can form chemistry with a male partner in a matter of just a few minutes. On a different note, what happened to Marko’s hair?

Cyrus Spencer (with Comfort), hip-hop – After having to do so many other styles all season long, Cyrus really had something this time that was as close to his wheelhouse as we have seen. With this in mind, should we shocked at all that this was fantastic in every way?

Whitney and Chehon, cha-cha – This was not Chehon’s best dance, and it really wasn’t even close. He was just never comfortable, and as much as we like him, it will likely lead to his exit. Whitney is a ballroom dancer by trade, but she even struggled with this thanks to all of the lifts.

Cole and Eliana, contemporary  – Mia Michaels came up with one of the most intense routines of the season, one that was inspired by the way in which rams fight. We literally saw this with just about every move of the dance, and it was so moving that we cannot even explain why. We’ve said all season long that Eliana is magic, and this is yet another reason why.

Cyrus and Tiffany, Broadway – This was one of the dirtiest routines we’ve ever seen on the show: a saucy 1950s-themed number that felt a little bit like an after-school special. Cyrus still is not the best outside of his element, but it really was something worth watching.

The result

It was hardly a surprise to see Whitney leaving the show among the ladies, mostly because of the momentum that both Eliana and Tiffany have gotten over the past few weeks. Meanwhile, we were a bit more surprised with the guys. We thought for sure that Chehon was going home, but he was declared safe instead; meanwhile, we ended up saying goodbye to Cole, who was a man we thought was going to win the show for almost the entire season. This means that the finale will be Cyrus, Chehon, Eliana, and Tiffany.

Who was your favorite from this episode? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you do want to check out where we thought some of these contenders stood in our rankings before this episode, be sure to head on over to this link.

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