‘Survivor: Philippines’ castaway spotlight: Abi-Maria Gomes

We’re back with another edition of our “Survivor: Philippines” spotlight series, and this time around we are highlighting a new castaway who is at least on paper pretty interesting, even if we are not quite so sure that she is going to do so well in the game. So will Abi-Maria Gomes’ Brazilian heritage and sense of adventure help her in this game, or potentially hinder her path to a million dollars? Read on to find out our take.

Name – Abi-Marie Gomes.

Age – 32.

Location – Los Angeles, California.

Occupation – Business student.

Tribe – Tandang.

“Survivor” comparisons – On the CBS page, Abi-Maria compares herself to Parvati … which is pretty much the go-to contestant that pretty much every female “Survivor” contestant compares themselves to. In reality, she seems a little like Kim Powers from “Africa” combined with Liliana from “Fiji.” She also is a little bit out there, and you could give her some Sugar comparisons because of it.

Strategy – We really don’t have any ideas as to what Abi-Maria plans to do in this game, and we’re really not that sure that she has much of a strategy at all outside of being a likable person that will hopefully make a good many friends during her time out on the island. This will help her to at least get a certain ways if things work out in her favor, but we’re not sure that this is enough for her to actually win.

Strengths – As we’ve said, Abi-Maria is reasonably likable, and she is young and athletic. We have to think that this will make her an asset especially on a tribe with some older people, and if she knows “Survivor” well enough, she will figure out that Mike Skupin is a very loyal person and the perfect guy to make an alliance with.

Weaknesses – Unfortunately, we don’t really know how well she knows this game at all. She doesn’t sound as excited to be there as some of the other people are, and despite her Brazilian heritage, she just doesn’t seem to be all that interested in handling the elements or the outdoors. We also don’t buy just about everything she says, including her rather unusual statement in her Entertainment Weekly pre-show interview that she was originally cast for “Survivor: Tocantins,” but was not put on since producers thought her background gave her an unfair advantage. We really just worry that she looks at the world too much through rose-colored glasses, and this could be a pretty major detriment to her game if it continues on in the long-term.

Prediction – Does Abi-Maria have what it takes to go far in this game? We’re not sure. We see at best being a mid-range player, but more than likely she will be the first person out on her tribe. We just don’t see her personality meshing well with Michael Skupin or some of the other Tandang players, and this is likely to cause some major trouble early, so much so that we are not sure whether or not she will even be able to make it past just the first few weeks.

What’s your take on Abi-Maria and her game? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you do want to check out more of our “Survivor” castaway spotlight series, you can do so by heading over to the link here.

Photo: CBS


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