‘Big Brother 13’ live feed: Rachel and Kalia talk it out

Rachel showed a different side.

Who would have ever thought that Rachel would end up being even-keeled in the “Big Brother” house following Brendon’s exit? Granted, this moment came after a day of pure insanity that included an all-out battle between her and Daniele during the  Have / Have-Not challenge, but it was still rather interesting to see.

(Warning: the following contains potential spoilers.)

After Head of Household Kalia put Rachel along with Jeff on the block, she immediately went into her brand of hysterics — freaking out, cursing this game for screwing her over, and threatening to even quit at times. However, she managed to change her tune during a conversation with Kalia Friday night.

During the talk, Rachel explained a bit why she gets so emotionally invested in the game, and said that if she was to get off the block or stay in the house, she would not target Kalia out of admiration for her “strong gameplay.” (That said, who really believes her?) Kalia also said that she liked “the real Rachel,” and enjoyed spending time with her versus the crazy lightning rod for drama in the house.

The only thing we really learned strategy-wise from this (outside of Rachel and Kalia both trying to mend fences) is that Jordan will not be a replacement nominee if Jeff or Rachel wins the Veto — instead, she’s likely going to have to go after Shelly.

Do you think Rachel actually succeeded in anything by having a rational conversation with Kalia?

Photo: CBS

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