‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 spoilers: Owen struggles to contain Cristina

Based on what we are hearing right now when it comes to the ninth season of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Owen is going to have his hands full in his mission to try and win back Cristina following everything that happened last season. After all, he’s going to be dealing with some pretty major obstacles: not only is she still going to be upset over his one-night stand, but she also has a great deal of emotional damage stemming from the plane crash that happened during the season finale.

So what is Kevin McKidd saying about all of this now? Speaking in a new interview with TV Guide, the actor likened some of Cristina’s upcoming behavior to that of a “wild animal” before sharing just what Owen is going to be going through:

“Owen’s feeling very helpless and very out of control … It’s going to be Owen striving to win her back… they’re definitely the damaged couple, but they seem destined to be together.”

If they are destined to be together as McKidd claims, just how long will a reconciliation take? We’re not that confident that these two are suddenly going to kiss and make up during the early portion of this season, but we would be quite frankly shocked if come May these two have not made at least some sort of movement in a positive direction.

Do you really want to see Cristina and Owen back together, or are you starting to feel as though these two just bring too much drama into each others’ lives? We want to hear from you below!┬áIf you want to see some more news about how Meredith is going to try and cope with the devastating loss of Lexie, be sure to visit the story over at this link.

Photo: ABC

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