‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Complaining and being duped

Overall, Tuesday was an interesting day in the “Big Brother 14” house; there really wasn’t that much in terms of strategy that went down, but the events that did transpire certainly were at least captivating to watch.

-First things first, Dan accidentally broke Wil’s frame on the memory wall, which now makes this the second time that Wil has been screwed in this game when it didn’t have to happen.

-Danielle continues to freak out about Frank actually being nice to her, and acts like the it’s the worst thing of all time despite the fact that she would faint if Shane ever did any of the same things to her. (Plus, she pays herself more compliments and compares her looks to more celebrities than we have eer seen from someone.)

-Joe and Shane had yet another chat right before bed on their “alliance,” which we otherwise refer to as “Shane’s attempts to cover his own rear is Danielle leaves.” We really can’t see him screwing her over, even if some of the feelings that she has or not reciprocated by him. However, we do think he wants to take Joe to the end if Danielle goes since he likely knows that anyone and everyone can beat this guy thanks to his zero challenge victories or significant game moves. At this point, Joe is starting to even make Adam look like a serious gamer.

Joe also claimed in this discussion that he does not want to open Pandora’s Box if he wins Head of Household, mostly because he is afraid of potentially unleashing Frank back into the game. In other words, these people really are paranoid over the “twist” that happened to them with the reset.

Do you think that Shane is smart to be talking with Joe so much?┬áIf you want to see some more on Danielle is breaking the news of Frank’s exit to some of his one-time allies, be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: CBS

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