‘MasterChef’ review: The final two are…

MasterChef” did a great job setting up a narrative going into Tuesday night’s episode: we had the underdog in Josh, the inspiration in Christine, and the frontrunner in Becky all squaring off in what really was a culinary clash of the titans in order to see who was going to be making it into the finale next week.

Early on in the episode, though, it did not necessarily appear that everyone was living up to their pre-established roles. Becky struggled in a mystery box challenge that was all about just showing yourself on a plate, and this caused her to finish last. Meanwhile, Christine rose to the occasion in creating an Asian scallop dish that was out of this world. This allowed her to choose which kind of “leg” that she wanted to cook with, and she chose chicken legs. Meanwhile, Josh selected lamb as the runner-up while Becky was saddled with something that she had never tasted in her life: frog legs.

What was interesting about this final challenge was that despite getting the frog legs, the attention really was not on Becky at all; rather, it was on Josh for taking a giant risk in making a lamb dish that including yucca and all sorts of salsa. It was something he didn’t need to do, but it paid off in a huge way as the underdog lives to fight again in the final round. Meanwhile, Christine and Becky each had dishes that were pretty good, but had a few flaws here and there. It really came down between the two of them as to who was going to join Josh in the finale, and this was an interesting debate. Personally, we would have picked Christine to move forward. Did the judges agree? Yes, and with that we have our final two. Becky came a long way in this competition, but at the end of the day she just fell a little short in the end.

Do you think that the judges made the right choice, and who are you rooting for now? We want to hear from you below! If you want to check out our exclusive interview with recently-eliminated contestant Frank Mirando, be sure to follow the link here.

Photo: CBS

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