‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Joe’s pitch to Jenn

Even though you may already believe that you are staying in the “Big Brother” house, it’s best to cover all of your bases; and with this in mind, “Mighty” Joe Arvin (which he called himself once in pretty ironic fashion) took to Jenn Arroyo in the house on Tuesday afternoon in order to make his pitch for survival in this game.

When it comes to his argument to save himself, Joe actually had a few interesting things to say, namely that Frank was one of the people campaigning for her to leave earlier in this game, and he was ready to replace her with Ashley before Ian went ahead and evicted her out the door (which thus ended their “no-mance” that was already interrupted by Frank making out with her). Joe claimed that he has done nothing to hurt Jenn, which is really only true in the sens that Joe has made zero game moves to actually hurt anyone so far.

The only other thing that we got out of this conversation was Joe proclaiming that the person he is really after in this game at the moment is Dan, and that is probably true in that he knows that he is the hardest player left to actually read. Of course, telling Jenn this does the chef really no good at all given that she and Dan have some sort of alliance based on the fact that he used the Veto on her Monday and thus kept her from having to sit up on the block the rest of the week.

At the moment, we still believe that Jenn will vote to keep Frank unless she really believes that being solid with everyone else in the house would help her out; but even if she did that, it would more or less be a hollow vote.

How do you think Jenn is going to vote come Thursday night?┬áIf you want to see where Joe and Jenn stand in the newest edition of “Big Brother” rankings, be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: CBS

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