‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Frank’s worries over Shane

It would not be life in the “Big Brother” house without people freaking out about one thing or another, and when it comes to one Frank Eudy at the moment, his #1 concern seems to be with Shane possibly plotting against him due to some of his strange behavior and late-night conversations with Joe. Of course, little does he know that Shane is not the only one plotting against him.

In a conversation on Tuesday morning in the house, our near-perpetual nominee confessed to Dan that he was starting to get paranoid courtesy of what Shane has going on, and he knows that Shane and Danielle are very close. Dan has assured him time and time again that Joe will be the one leaving the house Thursday, and he told him again here that it was close to a done deal; as a matter of fact, the vote could be unanimous if Shane decides to also vote to evict Joe. Frank’s biggest thing he has going for him at the moment is that he is not eligible to be Head of Household next week; however he’s still enough of a threat that he will win the Veto in a heartbeat if it is something physical.

Of course, most of this conversation was entirely made up by Dan, including the part where a semi-drunk Danielle claimed that she was leaning towards getting Joe out of this game. Jenn’s likely to be his only vote to stay, and even if a part of Dan wanted to keep Frank, it really would not matter given that Shane and Danielle are together, and Ian has the tie-breaking vote as Head of Household that would pretty much send him packing.

How surprised do you think Frank is going to be if and when he ends up getting evicted Thursday night? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you want to check out where he and Dan both stand in the latest edition of our show rankings, you can do so by checking out the article over at this link. Of course, be sure to also check out the sidebar for more updates.

Photo: CBS

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