‘Breaking Bad’ finale reaction: Is Walt’s [spoiler] really back?

Warning: If you have yet to watch the season finale for “Breaking Bad,” now is probably the right time for you to stop reading.

It’s not a surprise that creator Vince Gilligan decided to end the first half of season 5 Sunday night with a number of cliffhangers, but the mystery surrounding some of them is what is a little more interesting. Is Hank really going to go after Walter White hard now that he knows that he is Heisenberg, and is the cancer really back? In speaking on the latter subject, Gilligan tells TVLine that while the subject of the cancer diagnosis is still a mystery, the scene of him getting his MRI done is something that should not be ignored in any shape or form:

“There were probably lots of good reasons for Walt to walk into the kitchen there and say, ‘I’m out.’ … It’s not for nothing that [hospital] scene is in there.”

As for how Hank is going to immediately try to react upon the revelation that Walt is Heisenberg, Gilligan offered up the following:

“That is the big question [and] the subject of great debate amongst the seven writers, myself included … Does he walk right out and shoot him…? Do you keep your cards close to the vest? Are you able to control the emotions you feel? Are you in a state of shock? … How does one take it all in and process it in a mere matter of seconds?” 

The sad thing here is that we are going to have to wait until next summer to find out any more answers to everything that we want to know. “Breaking Bad” will start shooting its grand finale later this year, and we can expect it back in either late June or early July 2013.

If the cancer is back, do you think it is more appropriate for Walt to die of that, or to rot away in prison for what he has done? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you want to go back and take a look at our review for the finale, you can do so by heading over to the link here.

Photo: AMC

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