‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Dan’s new evil plan

It’s so interesting to see how different a player Dan is turning into on “Big Brother 14” versus who he was on the show four summers ago. At that time, he was willing to make a few shady moves here and there, but largely keep himself out of trouble. Now, we are starting to think that this guy is bordering near Lex Luthor levels of villainy with some of his actions in the house.

Thankfully, his latest plan seems to be much more subtle than what he was doing when it comes to the mock funeral that he had for himself last week — instead, he seems to now be trying to plant subtle seeds in Danielle and Shane that could cause them to fight down the road. He knows that these two are the closest thing that this game has to a couple at the moment, and he also knows that it is a good idea to try to get rid of couples by any means necessary. With that in mind, his plan is rather simple: talk a bunch about romance around the two of them, and continue to build false expectations in Danielle’s head that there could be something with Shane moving forward that just isn’t there (such as talking about what the two would do if they ever visited each other). Eventually, this could lead to the two having some sort of angry conversation about this — and if Danielle ends up drifting from Shane, this could mean that Dan gets her back fully under his control as his #2. It also keeps Shane from having anyone to work with in this game outside of Ian, who he is mostly tied to thanks to their mutual friendship with Britney.

This is overall a brilliant plan by Dan yet again so long as neither Danielle nor Shane realize what he is up to, but it’s also risky; after all, he could put an enormous target on his back if it fails, and we don’t think that he is going to be able to rally for Frank to stay and for him to keep that alliance instead as an alternative. Even if he and Jenn vote for Frank to stay, the problem comes via Danielle, Shane, and Ian.

Do you think that this is a smart move by Dan, or one that is not really necessary yet? We should not that none of this is happening to overtly; rather, he is just planting the seed.

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Photo: CBS

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