‘Royal Pains’ preview: Is Divya’s new relationship built to last?

This season of “Royal Pains” has been an interesting journey for Divya, in particular since she started things off in a rather difficult position when it came to her conservative parents, and now she is immersed in a world of passion and romance that is something that would make her father faint at his feet.

But is she really going to end up being with this man long-term? this is the question that so many of us inevitably have, and this is what will be the focus of the episode airing on Wednesday night. Based on the first promo released for this episode (which you can see below), it does appear as though we are going to see some major conflict coming our way in the form of an ailment that strikes him at the wrong time, and it is one that leads to one Jeremiah Sacani (who has shown some feelings for Divya of his own) having to be the one to deliver the not-so-good news.

Is it a little strange how almost everyone in the Hamptons is sick? Sure, and we are hoping that Divya’s new squeeze pulls through; however, it is not necessarily because we are rooting for this to be her romantic endgame so much as we do not want her to go through that sort of deep heartbreak that would impact her the rest of her life. Hopefully, we are going to find out what is ailing him along with the solution at some point during Wednesday’s episode, which will air on USA at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time.

If you want to find out some more of our hopes for a Divya / Dr. Sacani romance at some point down the road, be sure to head over to the link here.

Photo: USA

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