‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Random drama plus Joe’s scramble

After a pretty humdrum Labor Day in the “Big Brother 14” house following nominations, things are finally starting to get a little bit interesting — and even though we are not exactly sure that anything has changed in regards to the person leaving this game, we are at least seeing some pretty entertaining stuff go down all across the board.

First things first, we would be remiss to not point out the fact that Dan and Danielle had a ridiculous argument just because he was giving her a hard time while they were in the middle of a card game. (There was something else on her mind, but she promised to bring it up later.) Just watching these two square off in cards is pretty entertaining to watch, mostly because Dan tries to play this game just like he has played “Big Brother” as of late — like a powerful supervillain who still tries to fade into the background.

Meanwhile, Chef Joe has spend much on Monday moping, and he had a pretty lengthy monologue to the camera early this evening all about it. He knows that he probably has the support of the Head of Household in Ian, who is warming to working with him mostly because he realizes he is a good person to take to the end of this game. He also feels pretty good about having the votes of both Shane and Danielle — and so long as he has them, he doesn’t really have to worry about anything else since Ian will break the tie. His goal is just to continue to campaign aggressively to the two of them, and them hope that at some point along the way he can convince Dan or Jenn to go along with him. For whatever reason Joe thinks that Dan is with Frank, and he thinks that since Jenn is close to both Dan and Frank, she will vote however Dan decides to.

Do you think it is possible that we are going to be looking at a unanimous vote against Frank? As always, we’re excited to hear some of your thoughts! We also of course have more live feed updates here, and there is a full stream of the latest news to the right of this article.

Photo: CBS

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