‘Big Brother 14’ rankings: Is Dan Gheesling still riding high?

Last week in our “Big Brother 14” rankings, we pretty much handed Dan Gheesling $500,000 over one of the gutsiest moves we have ever seen in this game. It was better than Kevin’s big lie in season 11 craftier than Boogie’s plan to evict Janelle earlier this season, and it really goes back to the days of “All-Stars” when it comes to a great, memorable move that we are going to be talking about for some time.

So is Dan still in a great place in our mind? Read on and find out.

7. Frank Eudy (last week: #6) – We’re going to be doing a piece about possible All-Stars from this season in a week or two, but in our mind Frank has to be a part of it. This is a guy who may be polarizing (and helped by production), but you cannot hate his passion for the game and his competitive spirit. We’ve really enjoyed having him stir things up, and it’s sad to think that he will probably be gone Thursday over such a non-player like Joe.

6. Joe Arvin (last week: #3) – He’s on the block, so that alone justifies this ranking. However, Joe is probably going to make it very far in this game given that he is the kind of person who no jury would ever vote for to win. He stinks at challenges, lies to people’s faces, and also has made zero big moves to stick around.

5. Jenn Arroyo (last week: #2) – With Frank gone, Jenn no longer has any real allies given how Danielle and Shane have flip-flopped. She could still stay around since she’s not an enormous threat, but pretty much anyone in this game other than Dan would likely put her on the block.

4. Ian Terry (last week: #5) – If Ian gets out Frank this week, he’s in decent shape since he’s not public enemy #1 to anyone except maybe Jenn left in the game. At the same time, though, we don’t see very many people outside of Dan or maybe Joe who want to go against him in front of the jury at the end. As a matter of fact, we wouldn’t be stunned if he was sent packing during the double-eviction Thursday.

3. Shane Meaney (last week: #4) – Shane is like Hayden from season 12 but with even less strategy. He’s a great physical player who doesn’t cause any problems … but he’s so frustrating because we want him to be so much more than he really is. A Shane win would not be the worst thing ever, but he hasn’t really done that much to deserve it.

2. Danielle Murphree (last week: #7) – Danielle seems very likely to make it to the finale, and she would really be an infuriating winner more so than anyone since season 9 (which was really just an infuriating season as a whole). Her “big moves” were all set up by other people, and her arrogance is through the roof. She’s going to leave this show thinking great things about herself, so let’s hope someone warns her before she comes on the internet. She could win against Joe, Jenn, and possibly even Dan if the jury’s bitter enough, so despite some of her crazy behavior she’s got a good shot at this.

1. Dan Gheesling (last week: #1) – Despite being the only coach left in the game (hats off to the newbies for making that happen), we still think that Dan is going to slither his way in the final two based on how ridiculous some of these players are being. He has a final two deal with Ian, and really has at least final three deals with everyone else in the house not named Joe. Also, most of these people think that the jury would never vote for him to win this game again based on some of his behavior. In our mind, the only thing that could really stop Dan at this moment is Shane. He needs to take out Danielle’s “no-mance” partner sooner rather than later, and if he does that, the guy really is as good as gold.

Who do you have at the top of your ranking this week? To check out some more news pertaining to what Joe is doing in the house at the moment, be sure and head on over to this link.

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