‘Hotel Hell’ finale review: Did Gordon Ramsay end season 1 with a bang?

Even though it only started airing a matter of weeks ago, we saw the end to Gordon Ramsay’s short series “Hotel Hell” on Monday night — and it really was a rather entertaining two hours of television. Fox chose to actually save a pair of their best episodes of the season until the very end, and we saw a little bit of what the famed chef does best — encourage people, call them out when they are spreading bad gossip, and find a way to save their business.

But are there still some improvements to this show that need to be made for the recently-announced season 2? The answer here is “definitely.” ¬†First and foremost, you have to remember that telling the story about a hotel in one hour is different than what happens in “Kitchen Nightmares.” There are so many stories to be heard here, and we actually prefer having a two-hour format per hotel featured simply so that we can find out a little bit more information about all of the people working at these establishments. This may not work if the show was airing during a competitive fall season, but it could be fine in the summer if the show airs on consecutive nights.

In addition, there also has to be a certain emphasis still paid to the comedy — which is why the final two episodes this season were the best since we saw Gordon slamming his head on a table, showering in the world’s tiniest sleeping back, and scream for help while inside one of the rooms. These little moments help to keep the show light, and remove some of the heavy and at times overbearing undertones since so many people are suffering. We wish we had more time to focus on the success at the end, since it really does feel as though Gordon is getting rushed out of the establishments since he is running out of time.

Overall, “Hotel Hell” probably remains our least favorite Ramsay show — it is still great entertainment if you are looking for escapism, but it’s hard to ague that Ramsay is still at his best when he is working within a kitchen.

What did you think about the show’s finale Monday night, and are you excited at all to see where “Hotel Hell” goes in the future? If you want to check out some more news pertaining to the show’s recent renewal, be sure and head on over to this link.

Photo: Fox

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