‘So You Think You Can Dance’ rankings: Is Cyrus Spencer now the favorite?

The lineup on “So You Think You Can Dance” is shrinking by the day, and with just one episode to go before the finale, we are inching ever closer to finding out just who is going to be named America’s Favorite Dancer.

So who is really going to win out of this lineup? While we are starting to think that there are some distinct favorites among the guys and the girls, we are still at a point where anything can happen given that there is another week left still to vote.

The guys

3. Chehon Wespi-Tschopp (last week: #2) – We personally love Chehon, but he has faced danger more than any of the other two male dancers remaining. He may actually be the most classically trained out of anyone on this show, but his problem still remains trying to find a way to connect with an audience that tends to root for the underdogs more so than the man with supreme athleticism and skill.

2. Cole Horibe (last week: #1) – For the first time in weeks, we do not have Cole at #1 for one primary reason — Cyrus. The man is getting such a groundswell of support from the judges and the audience that we’re not sure that anyone can beat him at this point — including our resident karate master.

1. Cyrus Spencer (last week: #2) – Doesn’t everyone love a good underdog story? Cyrus has been that ever since he first auditioned on the show and made into Las Vegas. He is a brilliant dancer in his style, but what makes him endearing is how quickly he has picked up on some of the other styles over the course of the season. His smile is so infectious, and he lights up the room pretty much every time he dances.

The girls

3. Whitney Carson (last week: #4) – We had originally thought that one of the ballroom ladies was going to make it to the final, but the bottom 2 performance for Whitney seems to have put her future in question.

2. Tiffany Maher (last week: #3) – While Whitney’s stock has been falling in recent weeks, Tiffany has instead rose to the occasion hanks to a number of consistently strong performances. Earlier in the live rounds, she felt as though she was getting lost in the shuffle — but now, Tiffany is indeed rising to the occasion.

1. Eliana Girard (last week: #1) – We’ve said it once, and it’s worth saying again — we are not sure that anyone can come close to being Eliana. She has made magic out of just about every performance on the show, and it’s going to be rather interesting in that the original top 20 team of her and Cyrus could end up winning this whole competition.

Who is at the top of your ranking? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you want to check out where these compare with last week’s rankings, be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: Fox

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