‘Survivor: Philippines’ castaway spotlight: Malcolm Freberg

Another new week is here, and with that we are moving on to the next phase of our “Survivor: Philippines” spotlight articles. So who is the focus this time? It is a guy who on the surface appears to be a little bit of an interesting character — even if he is already one of our biggest pet peeves in a L.A. bartender on a CBS reality TV show. (We actually didn’t think there were any bartenders left in the City of Angels who had not been on the show already.)

Name – Malcolm Freberg.

Age – 25.

Location – Hermosa Beach, California (close enough to L.A. for it to count).

Occupation – Bartender.

Tribe – Matsing.

“Survivor” comparisons – We know that Malcolm compared himself to Entertainment Weekly’s Dalton Ross to Brian Heidik without some of the sketchy parts of his past, and he even says in his CBS video (which you can see below) that he also plans on playing a little bit of a Fabio sort of game in that he wants to lay low the first few weeks and make him out to be a little bit less of a threat than he really is. Honestly, the guy has too devious of a mind to be Fabio, and he actually reminds us a little bit of Boston Rob meets Shane Powers with a little bit of Robb Zbacnik thrown in for good measure.

Strategy – As we said, Malcolm wants to try his best to be under the radar early on, but he is going to constantly take note of the world surrounding him. He’s the sort of player that would do anything to win, and he is promising to employ a few “tricks up his sleeve” if he makes it deep enough in the game for them to be utilized.

Strengths – First things first, you can never discount being a physical guy in this game. So long as you don’t annoy anyone, this is almost a free pass to the merge in that you want to ensure that your tribe will be able to win challenges. Malcolm is not going to shy away from that, and at least early on that should work to his advantage. He also seems to know this game well enough to be constantly aware of what is happening around him, and will make the moves he needs to make rather than stay passive and hope that some giant alliance he is a part of pans out.

Weaknesses – As soon as the merge hits, Malcolm goes from being a great asset to an enormous threat. He’ll be targeted right away due to him being physical, and if he starts to scheme a little too much (which we are assuming will happen, since it seems to be in this guy’s DNA), it could come back to bite him in the end. He also has to watch out if he makes a move against the returning players — he doesn’t seem to be one that will just bow down to them, and these people may encourage some of their sheep alliance members to go after him early.

Prediction – We do want to see Malcolm go far in this game, mostly because he does seem as though he is actually here to play it rather than just sit idly by and watch everyone else dominate the game. We wish more newbies had his sort of passion or edge to them. We don’t think that he is going to win this game by any means, if for no other reason than that we don’t think some of the other players will allow him to get that far. However, we think he is going to be perfectly suited to be an early-to-mid jury boot.

How do you think Malcolm will fare this season? We want to hear from you below! If you want to check out some more of our recent “Survivor” spotlight articles, be sure to follow the link here.

Photo: CBS

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