‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Frank tries to replicate Dan’s mist

If you are a loyal “Big Brother” viewer, then you really already know one thing about Dan Gheesling — the man has almost a Benjamin Linus-like quality of being able to make people believe him even when he is telling an upfront lie to their face. His ability to do this has been dubbed “Dan’s mist,” and we saw it in full effect last week when he managed to get the Power of Veto used on himself.

So after seeing that last week, Frank is apparently trying to do his own Dan impression in order to get himself much further in this game — even though we are not 120% sure that it is really working out for him very well. The guy went to Danielle last night with a very specific purpose in mind — trying to make sure that he has her vote if Joe is put up on the block against him by Ian. Then, he also put the idea into her head that Shane wants Dan out of this game sooner rather than later, and she is going to have to make a choice soon between the two guys as to who she wants to sit next to at the end.

Frank’s idea to her was simple — throw the next Head of Household competition to Jenn if she can, and have her nominate both Ian and Shane — that way, she’s not responsible for putting these two Quack Pack members on the block. We know that Frank wants Ian out, but who’s to say for sure how the house would vote in this situation? Even if Frank goes home Thursday (which still seems likely), this is probably a situation that Danielle is going to have to face eventually if she wants to make it to the end. The good news for her is that she almost has a guaranteed spot in the final three — but that is really the only good news for her.

Do you think Danielle should make a choice as soon as next week, and do you think Frank is anywhere near as good as Frank when it comes to planting ideas in people’s heads?┬áIf you want to read our review for Sunday night’s episode, be sure to follow the link here.

Photo: CBS

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