‘America’s Got Talent’ rankings: David Garibaldi, Lightwire Theater, and more

The rest of the semifinalists are getting ready to take the stage on “America’s Got Talent,” and we are now putting ourselves back in the position to see where they all stack up against each other.

So who are the current favorites? Let’s just say that the remaining contestants really are a tale of two halves — there are some people who are serious contenders, and then there are some people who are probably going to be sent straight out the door again come the results show Wednesday night.

12. Clint Cavalho – Yes, his bird stunt from the YouTube show was pretty impressive, but it was not exactly a case where this alone could overcome the fact that his voice is so irritating that it almost ruins the rest of the act for us. Compared to the Olate Dogs, this guy has no real chance at all.

11. Shanice and Maurice Hayes – They have a cute story as a rare father /daughter team, but if we are being honest here we have to say that they really weren’t that good singing together. Shanice would probably be better off singing on her own if she wants to be successful in the long-term, but even in this case she would lose some of her appeal here and be in trouble.

10. The Magic of Puck – If Eric Dittelman or any of the other magicians could not make it to the finale, this YouTube star is not going to either, even if he brings out one of the biggest tricks in the world. Magic just never does that well on a show like this.

9. All That! – We didn’t get All That! on the show’s first season, and we still don’t get it now. They are a great clog act, but the real goal of this show is to have a group that is worthy of a Las Vegas show. Who is going to watch clog dancing for 90 minutes, even if it is edgy and someone takes off their shirt?

8. All Wheel Sports – They managed to up their game in the quarterfinal rounds, but they are a very risky group — mostly in that if they get one element of their performance wrong, it’s all over and they have no chance of advancing. When there are only three spots, that makes it next to impossible for them.

7. Sebastien “El Chorro De Oro” – You can never discount a cute kid who manages to up his game week after week after week — but the fact that he needed the wild card to be here may show that his audience is not necessarily as large as his home state of Texas.

6. Jacob Williams – While Tom Cotter relies more on great jokes and being he blonde Steve Carell, Jacob relies more on shtick as the awkward guy. His material would have to be A+ to have a shot here, and we think he’s likely going to have a hard time with this lineup.

5. The Untouchables – This is a very good, polished dance group, and has really been lost a little bit in the middle of the hype surrounding All That! and the Academy of Villains. We’re still not sure that this on its own is capable of a Las Vegas show, but all of their performances have been good and to be frank underrated.

4. Tim Hockenberry – We haven’t necessarily loved TIm, but the judges have hyped up to almost Michael Grimm levels of greatness. He’s probably the one vocalist with a real chance of making the finale, but after so many singers winning, we have a feeling that he’ll be stuck early in the show similar to how Andrew De Leon was last week so that other acts have a chance.

3. Lightwire Theater – Now, things get incredibly hard for us. There is no question at all that what Lightwire Theater does is incredible, moving, and even whimsical. However, it also feels like a better act to watch live than on this show, and it’s also too reminiscent of Team iLuminate. We predict a finale berth here, but they’ll have a hard time winning.

2. Olate Dogs – Have we seen every trick in these dogs’ books? We don’t know, and a part of us doesn’t care. This is easily the craziest and best animal act that we have ever seen, as it combines skill, humor, and even a plethora of dogs to create something that is pretty thrilling.

1. David Garibaldi and His CYMKs – Using our pre-established “90 minute show” argument, what Garibaldi has created here is so creative and fresh that we really could see it on the Las Vegas stage. There are just so many ways that you can mold art and entertainment into something new, and there is also enough of a story in here to bring it just beyond what is being done superficially.

What is your favorite act of this bunch? We want to hear from you below! Also, be sure to head on over to this link if you want to check out some more of the latest “America’s Got Talent” news.

Photo: NBC

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