‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ teaser: The world’s scariest sewing machine

We have heard time and time again that the second season of “American Horror Story” (or “Asylum,” as it has been subtitled) is all really about uncovering some real-life horrors of the world that weren’t always a factor during the show’s first airing last fall. With that in mind, what’s scarier than having to sew something?

In the midst of all of the other coverage for the show we missed out on the latest teaser video uploaded to the show’s official site on Friday, and it features a sewing machine that seems to be operating normally at first — but then, you get up close and personal on it and starts making all sorts of loud and pseudo-frightening noises.

When it comes to this particular teaser, we are stuck in a quagmire — is it scary, or is it so ridiculous that we have a hard time admitting that it is scary? While some out there may complain about the lack of actual story details in these teasers, the truth is that they are not meant to actually contain any. Rather, the purpose of these videos is to give you a sense of some of the techniques and elements that are going to play a role on the show when it returns to FX on Wednesday, October 17 — sewing may not necessarily be a part of it, but you can expect to see similar sorts of everyday objects in rather unexpected ways.

What do you think about these teaser — and are you man enough to admit to being scared by something that was really in many ways completely silly? We want to hear some more of your thoughts below!┬áTo check out more of these creepy “American Horror Story” teasers, be sure to head over to the link here.

Photo: FX

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