‘Hell’s Kitchen’ finale rankings: Will Justin, Christina, or Dana win?

The ┬áseason finale of “Hell’s Kitchen” is airing on Tuesday, and despite us having a season where there were more chefs thrown out of the kitchen than we can count, three worthy contenders have managed to emerge with a chance at landing the prestigious Head Chef position at Gordon Ramsay Steak. Thanks in part to a cliffhanger from last week, we don’t know who the final two are at the moment — and the preview below really doesn’t help much, either.

However, we are still more than capable of using our vigorous “Hell’s Kitchen” experience — which includes watching years of Chef Ramsay calling people “donkeys” and smashing hot food with his bare hands — to rank just who out of these three chefs is the most likely to win.

3. Dana – A few weeks ago, we would have actually said that Dana was a final two contender for sure — she’s been strong in most of the competitions, and she’s also worked fairly hard to overcome any struggles she does have. However, she has taken a turn for the worse in recent weeks and even endured a heated confrontation with Chef Ramsay in a closet.

We don’t think that Dana will win this competition, but it is possible that se may make it to the end to square off against her longtime friend Christina. If nothing else, she can at least take credit for being a bit of a combination of Joe Arvin and Britney Haynes on this season of “Big Brother” — she gives funny confessionals, even in spite of the fact that she yells in all of them.

2. Justin – To be fair to Justin, he has not been helped much by having the worst crop of guys around him in “Hell’s Kitchen” history. Despite this, though, he has managed to persevere and create some pretty good dishes — and even has had his food make it onto the menu. Really, the only issue that we’ve seen with Justin was a sketchy incident involving a piece of fish — and this is enough to cast a little bit of doubt on him winning. Plus, there’s also the fact that a woman winner seems appropriate given their domination this year.

3. Christina – There has been a number of mistakes this season, but Christina has probably played more of a complete game than a number of past “Hell’s Kitchen” contestants who have made it this far. She never gives up, cooks great food, and has managed to avoid some of the catastrophic mistakes that we would otherwise remember at this point in the competition. We’ve felt as though she was the likely winner since the very beginning … and we’re sure not going to deviate from that now.

Who are you rooting for to win this season? We want to hear your thoughts in the poll below, and you can see just how much this show is killing it in the ratings this season by visiting the link here.

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