‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Operation blindside 2.0

Remember a few weeks ago, when there was a plan put in motion for a good percentage of the house to blindside Frank and send him out of the “Big Brother 14” house? It seemed as though that was going to work before a certain thing known as the Reset was introduced, which threw the coaches into the game and also kept him safe for a little while longer.

Well, let’s just say that the operation may be back in action now that Frank did not win the Power of Veto, and is actually going to stay on the block for the first time in several weeks. Dan is planning to Veto Jenn primarily so that Frank continues to believe he and Danielle are working with him and Jenn, and then Joe will be the replacement nominee (even though Shane has yet again offered himself up to be a pawn).

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To put the cherry on top of this rather shady hot fudge sundae, Ian is going to act appalled that Dan uses the Veto, just to make it look as though he was just screwed over. The one thing that we don’t get about this plan? If Ian was somehow feeling blindsided himself, wouldn’t he put someone like Danielle on the block, who he knows is close to Dan? Putting Joe up does not make a ton of sense through the lens of this plan, and we really don’t think that Frank is dumb enough to buy it.

Frank may not be everyone’s favorite player, but he did bring some great competition to the house and we’re going to miss him for that — unless he does somehow manage to stay. The only real argument he can make is to Dan and Shane, saying that he will keep the target off their backs for a while longer since he is obviously the largest target in the game.

How much of a chance do you give Frank? To check out some more scoop from the live feed, be sure to either click here or go to the sidebar to the right of this article.

Photo: The CW

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