‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: And if Dan wins…

We are still waiting for the Power of Veto Competition to happen in the “Big Brother 14” house (something that we have been saying more or less the past day or so), and with that in mind it is causing everyone to slowly descend into all sorts of paranoia.

The best example we have of this? In a conversation Saturday afternoon between Dan and Frank, Boogie’s former players suggested that if Dan wins, it may be better to take Jenn off the block rather than him as a way to pay her back for last week. Plus, this is a way to make things look less suspicious for Ian, who may then decide as Head of Household to just stick Joe up as a “pawn” in his mind.

We would give Frank some serious grief for possibly turning down a Veto if offered to him, but you have to look at it in context. If Frank stays on the block against Jenn, he knows that he will be going home — plus, he’s also aware that he has to trust someone since otherwise he has no one and he will also be going home without the Veto. If Dan uses it on him, Ian will know the jig is up and will likely do something crazy to ensure that Jenn leaves the game. Frank has been forced to play this game week to week ever since Boogie left the house, and he is obviously thinking with the future in mind. But can he trust Dan? He’s going to look like an idiot if this doesn’t pan out, but at least he’s trying to make some sort of move here.

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At the end of the day, Dan’s a smart guy and probably realizes that he would have a hard time beating Frank at the end of the game — however, he may also know that the pair of Shane and Danielle are probably not going to take him to the end since he would beat them easily. The man has some serious thinking to do — and if he really is in a position to save Frank, he’s also going to have to convince Danielle to make it happen.

Do you think Frank has a better shot this week if he does stay on the block — even if this even means throwing the Veto to Dan? To check out some more issues with Frank from the feeds, be sure and follow the link here.

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