‘Breaking Bad’ finale preview: Is [spoiler] in trouble?

It looks like Walter White has already named his next ten targets on “Breaking Bad” — and then, there is the woman responsible for giving him the names. Lydia has been a fascinating new addition to the show this day as a fantastic addition to Mike’s world, and this in turn means that she is in the Danger’s world now by association — especially with Mike dead. (Yes, that moment is still haunting us.)

What makes Lydia so interesting as a character here especially is how she seems to be in a constant state of panic about everything that is going on around her — which is hardly common for the criminal world in any way. In the sneak peek below, she does make a pretty good argument to Walt about why she is not as willing to hand out some names as our antihero would like — after all, this is her one real reason that she is actually still alive. She is of use to Walt now, and smart enough to realize that she may not be of use once she discloses what is in her head — which also included a realization that Mike may not even be among the living anymore considering that Walt is speaking to her by himself.

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We do have a feeling that at least one more character on this show is not going to make it through this season alive, but whether or not it is Lydia is to be seen. After Sunday’s episode, there really is just one emotion that we anticipate feeling — frustration. After all, who wants to wait almost a year for more new episodes after watching only eight episodes?

Who do you think is the most likely to die during the finale Sunday?  If you wanted to hear what Jonathan Banks had to say about his time on the show, be sure and follow the link here.

Photo: AMC

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