‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Pandora’s Box and a returning favorite

Pandora’s Box has already happened Friday in the “Big Brother” house — and while the end result of it does not appear to be as significant as the extra Veto Competition from last week, it did mark the return of a long-running joke to the game (one that we personally love and some people out there probably hate).

Based on what some of the houseguests are saying, it sounds like the man, the myth, and the legend known as Jessie Godderz was once again hidden inside of the box for the third straight season, and he apparently gave the houseguests a good lesson on eating properly. Joe is claiming that Jessie specifically did not like most of his cooking, and he took most of the junk food out of the house and replaced it with more bodybuilder-approved fare.

We don’t know what sort of reward was given to the houseguests for sure, but it appears that they were given some more amenities including a brand-new hammock and some presents. (Update: the presents were Ian’s, and he is telling everyone they were children’s toys.) What we are the most interested in seeing is whether or not Dan and Jessie exchanged words given their history in season 10 — which include Dan (as America’s player) hugging him for an incredibly long period of time, and then being the person responsible for voting him out of this game. Dan came back and hosted a competition during season 11, and Jessie did not seem that happy to see him there.

On a strategy vote, Jenn has campaigned to Ian and argued that she deserves to be there because she is playing the game more than some other people — which yes, is a kind of hilarious argument for her to make. For now, it still seems like her and Frank are going on the block with Frank as the obvious target.

If you want to find out some more about Ian’s strategy and the farewell to Frank’s carrot suit, be sure and check out the link here.

Photo: CBS

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