‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 teaser: Ready for the resurrection?

Much in the way that “American Horror Story” has been releasing tiny teasers for their new season over the past two weeks, “The Walking Dead” is now doing the same exact thing with some creepy clips that at least give us some expectation for what is coming up. As a matter of fact, we’ll give AMC some credit here — they are at least trying to show us something that looks like actual footage rather than just images that don’t make much sense out of context.

The latest clip is notable in that there is a massive zombie horde coming at our survivors, but this has in many ways somehow become commonplace. With that in mind, it is actually the narration here from Scott Wilson’s Hershel that comes across as a bit more interesting:

“Christ promised a resurrection … I just thought he had something different in mind.”

This season is probably going to be more of an eye-opener for Hershel than anyone else, mostly because he has spent most of his time since the breakout of the zombies in relative seclusion. Now, he is going to be in a place that has some solid security measures in a prison, but also somewhere that does not really offer too much when it comes to escape routes. Unless they find some efficient ways to kill walkers and any other intruders that come their way, you may as well just label some of these people sitting ducks.

Season 3 of “The Walking Dead” will return on Sunday, October 14 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time — and hopefully, we will have even more content worth sharing from the season by the time we roll around to the premiere.

If you want to check out another recently teaser from the upcoming season, be sure and head on over to this link.

Photo: AMC

Video via The Hollywood Reporter

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