‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Is the Quack Pack still quacking?

Whatever the new Head of Household wants, the new Head of Household gets — this is the rule of the game on “Big Brother,” that is unless you want to spend all of your time on the block.

Following the endurance competition on Thursday night, we were finally appointed a new HoH after over 90 minutes and Ian, and he didn’t waste too much time to make his priorities pretty clear — first he wanted to do something in the bathroom that we really don’t want to talk about here (though he did apparently use this as motivation to with the endurance competition), and then he wanted to make sure the Quack Pack was still together. Since nobody wants to go on the block from the group, they of course had a new agreement with it complete with everyone quacking. (Sigh.)

When it comes to the nominations today, it seems to be pretty obvious that Ian’s plan is to put both Frank and Jenn on the block, mostly because the odds are so good that he would play in the Veto Competition regardless that there’s really no sense angering anyone by using them before trying to give Frank the backdoor. One of Ian’s former pals under Team Boogie is almost surely going home, but the question here is who. Ian tried to tell Joe that he would be the replacement on the block in the event that one of these two wins the Veto, and then Big Brother yelled at him for telling someone what he was planning on doing.

Outside of this, most of the night was spent either with idle chit-chat or Ian showing off his Head of Household goodies. As punishment for being the first person to fall off during the challenge (thanks, America!), Joe had to hula hoop at random hours of the night whenever he was summoned to do so. It was embarrassing, but also very funny.

Do you think getting rid of Jenn and Joe are the best moves that Frank can make? We want to hear from you below! To check out more updates from the Head of Household Competition, be sure and head over here.

Photo: CBS

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