MTV’s ‘Awkward’ review: Did Jenna finally make a choice?

On Thursday night’s new episode of “Awkward,” it was pretty apparent from the get-go that the stakes were going to be raised. Jenna’s famous blog was now out in the universe to all to see, and just about everyone had an opinion on it. To make matters worse, this same blog also included a number of private details about people that Jenna was close to — from Jake to Matty to even her mother over the whole issue of the letter.

Really, what made this episode so interesting was that rather than it really being about the love triangle (which is still very much present), it was more about Jenna finding it within her heart to realize that her mom was not a terrible person, and was worthy of being forgiven despite doing something atrocious to her. However, there were still some major consequences that her handed down — despite having a return visit from Jenna’s dad, her mother was ridiculed and even neglected by some of her close friends and even random people in a parking lot.

The other thing that made this episode enjoyable (and unpredictable) was that we really saw an unusual reaction by some of the students to Jenna’s blog — they weren’t offended. Rather, they seemed to even appreciate being included in some sort of bizarre way. Some people started to ask for relationship advice, and she suddenly wend from being a pariah to being the high school equivalent of Carrie Bradshaw. It was nice to see her have a win for a change, and for Sadie’s actions to set her up for a rather big loss.

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Photo: MTV

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