‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Who won Head of Household?

There was a battle for endurance Thursday night in the “Big Brother 14” house, and it was clearly one that had some rather intense ramifications for a few select houseguests. Frank needed Jenn or Dan to win to even have a remote shot at staying in this game — meanwhile, Ian pretty much had to win this to guarantee himself staying in the game for another week.

Ultimately, we expected this rope challenge to last for a lot longer than it did, especially after the last endurance really managed to take a number of hours. However, we were down to a final two of just Shane and Ian within about half an hour, as Dan ended up falling in third place after Danielle started to throw up. This was an interesting face-off, mostly because you had the brains versus the brawn in a challenge that really ended up favoring Ian in many ways. He is smaller, after all, and this challenge is better suited for people with small feet than giant ones like Dan or Joe.

We expected one of these two guys to make a deal, but this didn’t happen right away. Rather, these two opted to stay inside for another hour and fifteen minutes until they finally started to talk at 8:45 Big Brother Time. Shane made sure that both he and Danielle would be safe under every circumstance, and with that he dropped off and allowed Ian to take power for the second time this season (but the first time for a stretch longer than just a few minutes during the live show). With that, Frank is in enormous trouble and better win himself the Power of Veto.

What do you think bout the winner of this challenge? Be sure and share your thoughts below! To check out our review of Thursday night’s episode, be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: CBS

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