Kate Gosselin finds a guy in new ‘Kate Plus 8’ clip (video)

The show airs Monday.

As famous as Kate Gosselin may be, she is about to realize that there are still plenty of men out there who have literally no idea who she is.

On Monday’s new episode of “Kate Plus 8,” the Gosselin family matriarch is going to be making a guest appearance at the famous Georgetown Cupcake (from “DC Cupakes“) — but she has more on her mind than just treats. After seeing who is in her mind a rather handsome man across the street, she gets bodyguard Steve Neild to keep watch on him before she finally goes outside to hand him a “free cupcake” (which is obviously meant to lead to an invitation to dinner).

The problem? Well, there are two. First, this man (named) Jack actually requires a gluten-free cupcake (which she retrieves for him) — and the second is that he literally has no idea who she is.

While this is only just a small portion of Monday’s episode, it once again shows that these days, it is sometimes more fun seeing Kate completely out of her element than with her famous eight children. It presents a an exciting and uncontrolled environment, and it’s a territory we would love to see the show venture more in moving forward.

What do you think about Kate’s dating technique?

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