‘Breaking Bad’ season 5: Who wants Walter White dead now?

It’s not often that you actually see people campaign for the death of a character, but that is precisely what is happening to Bryan Cranston’s “Breaking Bad” character of Walter White. The character has gone such a dark road since he first debuted that he is now at the point where he really cannot be redeemed in any way — and this is something that one of the show’s biggest stars is doing his best to touch on.

As a part of a new interview with “Conan,” Dean Norris (otherwise known as the oblivious detective Hank) had the following to say on the subject of fans being confused as to whether or not to root for the show’s leading character:

“It’s, like, really? The guy’s a psycho killer. He’s willing to poison a 10-year-old kid and you’re not sure who to root for? … I want him dead.”

The vast majority of people who watch “Breaking Bad” are all in agreement in the sense that they want Walt to bite it by the time this series airs next summer — but part of what makes this show so fascinating is trying to figure out the “how” rather than the “if.” Could someone like Jesse end up taking his life, or could the cancer actually come back and do him in that way? It’s also theoretically possible that the guy could get out of town and try and start a new life, but we have a feeling that his ego will not allow for that. Our assumption instead is that he will continue to relish his “empire” and sense of power until he is either dead, or someone finds a way to get him behind bars.

How do you want to see “Breaking Bad” end?  We want to hear some of your thoughts below! Also, be sure and check back this weekend for a full preview for Sunday night’s 2012 finale. You can also check out some words from departing star Jonathan Banks over at this link.

Photo: AMC

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