‘True Blood’ season 6 debate: What should happen next?

Now that we have had a few days to sit back reflect on what was an eventful fifth season of “True Blood,” we are now at the time where we can really start to think about what is going to be coming up next for the show. There are certainly all sorts of directions that they could take based on the events of the finale, but with the show now likely more than halfway through its run now, it’s time to start setting up what could be the show’s endgame.

With that in mind, we’ve created a few humble suggestions as to how the show could effectively move now from point A to point B in a way that feels natural to the characters, and will also have some sort of satisfaction for the fans.

1. Break the “big bad” mold – We’ve seen it now almost every season, and it’s very reminiscent of another premium cable series in “Dexter” — we meet a new villain at the start of each season, and they are usually dead by the end.

With this in mind, can’t we have a villain that stays around for a longer span of time? We’d love to see Warlow or some other feared character be around for at least two or three seasons — whenever the series does end, there needs to be someone formidable for our heroes to face off against at the end. Could this be Bill? We certainly would not be upset if that is how the series ends.

2. Wrap up some stories – We love Hoyt, but getting rid of him was smart in that he doesn’t have much to do with what is actually going on with the show at this very moment. The show needs to do the same thing with some of their other familiar faces and either scale them back, or do away with them entirely. We don’t want to necessarily see Terry, Arlene, Lafayette, or Alcide die, but their storylines during season 5 were among the weakest of the show.

3. Keep Sookie with someone – She doesn’t have to pick Bill or Eric … just please, pick someone. We don’t really like how the show just forgot all about her and Alcide hooking up after his brain was brained, and now that we have seen Ms. Stackhouse on her own for a while, it’s time for her to dive back into the search for Mr. Right.

4. More shock – For all the talk around the season finale being a bloodbath, there wasn’t really that much that happened in it that stunned us. Sure, we lost Russell and maybe Luna — but these were characters that have only been on the show a couple of seasons. “True Blood” is in a more competitive world than it was five years ago, and other shows are now equally willing to stun.

What do you think should happen in season 6? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! To check out some more scoop from Stephen Moyer, be sure and head on over to this link.

Photo: HBO

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