ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 spoilers: Will Beckett’s therapist return?

While she has been developing feelings for Richard Castle over the course of the past couple of years, one of the biggest problems that Kate Beckett has ran into is rather simple — she hasn’t had much of an outlet in order to express some of her feelings. Therefore, the character of her therapist came into effect to give her someone that she could talk to without reservation, and thus we had a better window as a viewer into what she was thinking and feeling.

So now that our two lead “Castle” characters are finally together, what’s going to happen to the doctor? This is indeed a worthy question, and one executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe hopes to answer as a part of a new interview with TV Guide:

“We like having that option there … When things get even more complicated around midseason, it’s important for Beckett to have some folks to talk to, whether it’s [her therapist] or Lanie or someone else.”

With this in mind, it’s fairly safe to say that Beckett is going to have to resort to just trying to talk things out early this season by having conversations with Castle himself. There isn’t any indication at the moment that the two parties are going to break up, but they will be going through their issues still as they adjust to being together — including trying to figure out just who they should reveal their secret to among their co-workers at the department. (In the beginning, we hear that they want to keep it hidden from everyone.)

Do you like these therapy scenes and are we better suited in our mind if there are more of them? We want to hear from you below!┬áIf you want to read some more news pertaining to who is going to direct the show’s upcoming Comic-Con-themed episode, be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: ABC

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